BlackGold Equipment LLC.
We make different styles of downhole tools to fit your specific need!
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BlackGold designs and manufactures quality DownHole Tools for well applications, including Drilling Jars, Shock Subs, Stabilizers, Reamers and more.
Drilling Jars
BlackGold manufactures Bowen type drilling Jars suited for all drilling operations. Product offering includes Double-Acting/Hydraulic/Mechanical jars.
Shock Subs
BlackGold shock subs are used for reducing vibrations and keeping the drill bit firmly on the bottom to reduce drill string connection and prolong and fatigue drill string life.
BlackGold stabilizers are used to prevent the well from tilting in drilling operation and can prolong the service life of the bit; reduce vibration and promote.
Reamers and wipers
BlackGold reamers and wipers are anti-drop designed and can reduce torque and drag, increase the rate of operation and improve operation efficiency with long service life.
BlackGold bumper subs are a down jarring tool and designed to engage or disengage overshot or spears, or be used as feed-off tool in milling or cutting operations.
Circulating Overshots
BlackGold circulating overshots is designed based on the outer diameters of various drill collars, drill strings, clumps and to catch a serial of fish.
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